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Some Of My New Angel's


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I have three like this one.


This is one of my favorites. It is one of the Koi


And this is the other one. It is the other Koi. I like the ones with more black on them.


Best group picture I have however two or my silver/wild crosses are not in it.


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That is my oldest BN pleco.

I do not have any paired off angel's yet. I have three BN pleco's. The male you see in the photo and two young albino's. Traded the other three that survived being born in my tank for some plants that should be here next week.

I have five green fire tetra's and five WMCM's.

On and one yoyo. I did have two but one went poof a couple weeks ago. (they are known for jumping) The store does not have anymore but I well keep calling everytime they get in new fish. They don't carry them as a norm so it might be a while. I hate him being alone but I may have to leave him that way. He seems fine still very active.

I need to thin out the snails some. I would like to only keep two or three. I like to let one clutch of snail eggs hatch every summer so I don't go completely snail less. lol

Once the angel's get older and I have an idea of who might get along I well also have to find some new homes for at least three maybe four.

I have noticed on the plant forums that many people with planted tanks keep more fish then the "rule of thumb" recomends. But that idea just scares me. Even though that tank is over filtered and has a lot of plants not so sure I care to risk overloading.

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