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Water Balance?


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does rain water mess with the water balance? :unsure: because it is raining in las vegas and alot of rain water went in the pond. :krazy: there are floods right now (hasnt happened in a while) :blink:

if so do i do a water change or something?

this used to be our sidewalk!water over flowing plants!




pond when rain slowed down.my fishies are swimming like crazy!?


we barely ever get rain.cuz our streetslants all the water gos to our house if u noticed in the flood pic.

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Well, I'd be concerned if that dirty, muddy water that had run over who knows what kind of garbage in the streets ran into my pond, definitely. And, I might be concerned if a lot of rain water got into my pond if I had really dirty air, i.e., smog, pollution, etc. A little rain water probably won't hurt though. Your fish are probably all so spritely because they have all this new water! I would just test your water to make sure it all stays good. Of course, the tests won't find any bad stuff that's in pollution and smog, but I guess we all take our chances every day with that stuff, huh?!

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I completely agree with Lynda. I'd say that apart from muck that could get in the pond (which would not be nice), an acidic pH might pose a problem if it were pure (acidic) rain, or if the wrong side of soil (say, high in fertilizer) were to end up in the pond, because that might decrease your available oxygen concentration and/or promote algae proliferation on the long run.

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