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Positive Experience At Chain Store


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So, I went to a local pet chain (no LFS where I live) to get a gravel siphon for my tank, and of course, I had to look at the goldfish while I was there. I oooo'ed over this one and ahhh'ed over that one, stopping for a few minutes extra to admire a lovely silver/lavender lionhead about 6" long.

But when I was looking into the tank holding the black moors (who, of course, have a special place in my heart :rolleyes: ) I noticed one with terrible fin rot. It's fins were so shreaded they looked less like fins and more like strands of hair, and the bottom right lobe of it's caudal fin was missing altogether. For the shape it was in, it seemed to have a lot of life left in it, but I was still concerned for for the little guy, because I knew that it would only die if someone didn't do something about it, and it would probably infect its tankmates on the way.

My first instinct was to go on without saying anything and hope someone would take it home, because I assumed that if I told someone at the store they would just kill it or, worse, take it to the back and neglect it till it died that way. But, knowing that I couldn't be the one to take it in and save it, I decided that telling one of the associates was the best choice, come what might. I was nervous for the fish, as he seemed like he wasn't ready to give up and I didn't want to be the one who brought on his end.

As it turns out, it was a good decision. I told one associate, and his first comment was, "Poor little guy. Show me where he is and I'll move him to a hospital tank in the back." A woman working with him heard what the man said, and asked me what was wrong. When I told her one of their goldfish was bottom sitting and his fins were shreaded, she said, "Oh, he must have fin rot. I'll go find __________, he'll know just how to save him." At this point, the three of us were walking together towards the goldfish, and the person the woman had refered to just happened to walk up, too. As I'm pointing out the sick fish to the first person I spoke with, the woman asked the person she had mentioned if he thought the fish would be okay. I just barely heard the answer, as they were all three already walking away with the fish by the time he had had enough time to evaluate the situation, but it went something like this:

"He doesn't look too great right now, but did you see how he tried to get away when __________ came after him with the net? He obviously still wants to make it, so he should be just fine."

They may or may not know a lot about fish, my experience was too short to tell. But what I could have told you even before it was all over was that the store's employees really do have compassion for their fish. Enough that they all immediately left what they were doing, one stocking, one helping another customer, and one going someplace else in the store, so that they could come and help a goldfish that was sick. Given, choosing one chain store over another is really just choosing the lesser of two evils. But did today's experience make that choice easier for me? Absolutely.

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very cool, i bet you felt better.....now if only stuff like this would happen more often

i agree!maybe just telling them can help out. neat story drkslvr! :D

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