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20 Gallon Tank And Accesories For Sale

Guest funky07

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Guest funky07

(I'm sorry about the repost, I just wasn't sure whether to place this in the equipment section or here; or if this kind of post is even allowed in koko's; if not, I'm very sorry)

Hello all,

I've been a long time viewer of this fantastic forum and have learned a lot. Unfortunately after a year , my fantail has passed and I would like to see if anyone here would like to purchase some of the equipment I have. For a month, the goldfish was in another tank as I sterilized the main 20 gallon tank and have been doing a fishless cycle. Again, the fish has passed away and I am looking to sell all my things.

20 gallon Visio tall fish tank (in great condition)

Previously housed goldfish but have since passed.

Will include:

Eclipse 2 hood with biowheel (bought for $80)

Marineland Visi-therm Stealth Heater (100W) (bought for $25)

Decorations: Smooth marble gravel, new plastic plants, ceramic pot, rock gravel

Used API liquid test kit (retails for $20-25)

Various medications (Prazi Pro, Parasite Clear, Quick Cure, Seachem Paraguard)

Water Conditioners: Seachem Prime, Stress Coat, etc.

Remaining Fluval Ceramic Bio-Media, 2 Filter Cartridges (carbon) for hood

20 gallon metal stand

Gravel Vacuum

I have Tetra Safestart (biological additives, refrigerated) and pure ammonia also to cycle the tank.

My asking price for all of this is $80. As many on this forum are familiar with most of the stuff listed above this is a steal!

If you are interested or know anyone interested, please email me back at funky07 at gmail dot com. Please give me a few days to also disassemble everything.

I live in Southern California (san bernardino county) and it would be best if you could just pick it up (no delivery).

Thanks for reading.


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Hey! Dont give up on goldfish!Weird things happen!

If your blaming yourself and are worried about your care of goldfish with future fish, dont blame yourself. Things happen with our fishies that are just unexplainable. You can have perfect water conditions and a seemingly healthy fish and then something odd happens and he just dies. Its happened to me.

So give it one more shot and run to the LFS and pick the one that you like and fall in love with goldfish keeping again!

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