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Baking Soda Ph Is Too Low

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Baking soda can work, but it's a temporary fix and can cause pH swings...so you need to test very often if using baking soda (I'd say 2x per day).

I would start by dissolving 1/4 teaspoon in tank water and then adding back to the tank. Wait a while, hour or so, and then test the pH and see where you are. Maybe add another 1/4 tsp if you're not in comfortable range.

But like I said, temporary. Do you know your KH/GH? (If not, I recommend getting a testing kit -- that may be at the root of the problem.) I have the same issue. My tap pH is high (8+), but it plummets in my tank (down to 6.8) because my KH/GH are near 0.

I've been using Buff-It-Up that I bought from goldfishconnection, and it's been working wonderfully to keep my pH a stable 7.4 all week long.

Folks also recommend using crushed coral and other stuff to help with these issues.

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Definitely go with the crushed coral. I had issues where my pH was at 6.0 constantly. I put bags of crushed coral in the filters and it stays at a constant 7.4. And it lasts for a long time.

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