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I finally had room to get some new fish. The fish sempai had some lionhead oranda crosses. I decided to get them, I went and picked them up yesterday. And the fish sempai has a tonne of other fish their for sale. I got their and he had some of the nicest show fish i've ever seen, too pricy for me tho.

These are the two lionhead oranda crosses.



I also got 3 Grade A show broadtail rykins, 2 calicos 1 gold. 1 grade A show oranda for $30.00 which is amazing, the batch of orandas it came from just got out of quarentine so they weren't in the greatest condition, so he gave me a deal. The only thing that was wrong with them there tails where a abit torn up but hardy noticeable. He said the oranda was a 100 dollar fish once it's tail cleared up. I also got a few inch long orandas and ryukins for a pond experiment im doing.

Overall it was awesome I have three tanks I have to set up yet and when they're set up im going again.

I'll post pics of my ryukins and the grade A show oranda.

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Such A hard fish to take a good picture of very active.^^^^





Easy fish to photograph always ready for a photo op^^^^^




Those two fish are great looking fish pictures do not do it justice.^^^^^^



This fish is a 1000 times nicer in persion people shy tho^^^^

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That is a beautiful fish!

I can't wait to go back to Fish Sempai this winter... I bought a beautiful fish from him last year, and couldn't believe the stock he had.

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The only pictures that are showing up are of the oranda's in the first post. Great looking fish. You must have a huge tank or lots of them to have room to QT so many fish and house them.

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