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I'm Back But With A Friend.....

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He was the one of 8 i bought him to put in my 7 gallon i was so excited to have them but i enjoyed them so much that i made vids on them and surf the web looking at pics of goldfish then i find a place called koko's i join the forum at first i think the gallon rule is insane until i get my 45 gallon and fill it with fish just realizing that i am doing a cruel thing so i let him roam in the 45 we have been through alot with tank leaks and all sorts of illnesses but he hung on until the 14th of August he could take it anymore a died a happy boy. :(

so long buddy u help me find this great hobby that i am willing to defend goldfish all i can say is thanks

:rip: Ace

edit: the topic name is to say without a friend sorry

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