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Planted 10gal


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What kind of fish did Larry get? Can't wait to see it after the plants go in. Might however want to remove that sword it well way out grow the tank and it needs to be taken from that pot and put in the plant substrate.

Good luck

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The tall one will get moved to the 29 before Larry gets his fish. (the fish in the 29 don't eat plants :) ) He doesn't have his fish yet. The tank is almost cycled. I'm going to check the stats today and if everything is good, we'll head to Pet-Co! lol The two smaller swords that were attached to the big one will stay until they get bigger. THen they, too will go to the 29. The only reason the big one is still in the pot is because the gravel isn't very deep.

He wants to get a Black Moor.


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