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Salt Dosage


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I've been scouring the site for a thread I found once upon a time about dosing salt. Since I saw the goldfish log book thread, I've been working on my own notebook. So far (first entry) I have each tank, who is in it, breed, how long I've had them, filter, conditioners, plants (if any). After that is water stats if I tested the water and if I did a waterchange I wrote that down and roughly how much I took out.

Today I've been searching disinfecting equipment, meds... Stuff like that to put in my notebook for quick reference. (Usually I have to get on here to look something up then I get sidetracked and I'm on here for hours, then I forget what I was looking for :D

Now to my question: What are the salt dosages for any concentrations and the dosage for a salt dip?

I know that there is 0.01%, 0.03% but I can't remember how many teaspoons/tablespoons per gallon/ 10 gallons.

As always, thanks guys!

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