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I have a black moor and oranda in 20 UK gallon tank and a shabunkin in approx 25 UK gallon

Have been on holiday for nearly three weeks, person who normally cares for my fish when I am on holiday was also away so I had 2 friends who after brief instructions from me were going to between them vist and feed my fish. They did a good job but when I returned it was obvious that both tanks had been overfed, both tanks were covered in algae and food I had left out was completely gone and had been replaced by stuff my friends had bought.

Problems were more in the one tank. I saw was that my oranda seemed a bit sluggish and seemed to be resting on the bottom more than usual and my black moor was just floating on top of tank (she does have problems with swimbladder) I replaced 50% of water in both tanks, and did'nt feed for 1st day then fed veg on 2nd day and changed another 50% in oranda and moor tank only. Everything seems ok now and the oranda is swimming around as normal

My question is.................. what is considered as overfeeding? I know fish will eat whatever you give them, but if you feed in small quantities and ensure they eat everything that you give in one feed, and then ensure you change water enough to clear waste.............................does that mean you could feed more than is usually recommended

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overfeeding is when ur fish cant eat everything within five minutes within the feeding and that the water becomes cloudy or ph levels (and all other levels of ammonia,nitrate, and nitrite, etc.)are high cause of it.

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