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Silver :(

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The last of my 3 original platies Silver passed away this morning :cry1 . He had been very sick for the past few days. At first I thought it was parasites so I treated with prazi, then I switched to a broad spectrum med cuz he was laying on the bottom barely able to move and I also added salt. I thought he was getting a little better but he was flashing alot and this morning I found him dead :( . Sadly he also infected one of my other fish so I have to treat the whole tank, but the other platy is responding much better to the meds :) .

R.I.P. Silver my little buddy, u will always be missed :cry1

He's the one on the very left in this pic, the other 2 have also passed away, these guys were my 3 first platies :(


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thanks guys :)

So sorry to hear about Silver :(

Tropicals can be frustrating to treat, you really fought well to try and save him, sometimes it's just not possible.

yeah wats up with that anyways? I dont i've ever had a tropical recover from disease actualy (except maybe once or twice..)

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