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The pond was built in summer 2004.

We started with 4 fish. Their names were Gullet, Buse, Gulle and Brain.

In fall I got my first tank and brought the fish inside. That's when I realised what the goldfish hobby is about.

I fell in love with the fish and I cried so much when Gulle got sick and died.

Because I didn't know anything about cycling.

In spring the fish started to spawn and I had my first fry. The only survivor was Maxi.

Summer 2005 I took Brain and Buse to the pond. Gullet was still inside with her fry Maxi.

Brain was found unconscious in pond and I brought him inside. Buse was gone. Disappeared...

I bought 2 new fish, Angus and MacFish, and Gullet and Maxi joined them.

Maxi died of dropsy 2006, but I had found a bunch of new fry. I named them Comet, Carpus, Goldie,Gullmer, Lofi and Little.

In summer 2006 these fry were 1 year, I sold 3 of them. And the disaster was a fact. My beloved Gullet disappeared in pond.

But she left a bunch of little calico fry in the pond...

Among these fry were my precious ones, Belly and Brownie. Belly had an enourmous belly, she was swelled, and Brownie, well he was brown, still is, and had a tripod fin. My first.

There were 16 other fry, I sold them in spring.

Spring 2007 is also when I bought new fish, 2 shubunkins, I called them X and Y in the beginning, and 2 bristlenose plecos. The shubunkin Y had some disease and died, and the other one was renamed Minibus. She got out into the pond later.

Brownie and Belly were released into pond, but in their tank were lots of tiny fry! I found many doubletailed and the rest I put out in pond, were there were lot of other fry. I named the doubletailed fry Finfin, Pearlie, Minifin and Zweetie.

Fall 2007 we decided to try overwintering in pond. I left all fry and 3 big fish out. I lost lots of fry and 2 big ones...

2008 has been a sad year. I have only one of the doubletailed fry left, Zweetie. I lost the beautiful shubunkin Minibus.

In pond now are Angus, Belly, Brownie and little Zweetie.

But I have 2 new fish, shubunkin Zorro and the little yellow common, still nameless but cute!

I will update this!

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Okay, now things start to happen!

Yesterday I brought two females inside, Belly and Zweetie. They were enormous, have grown a lot and become FAT! Maybe it was to cold for spawning.

Two Fatties!


Today when I came down to the fish room the tank looked like this!

EGGS all over!


Hopefully some of these eggs will make it, since they are so many!

I am still waiting for a doubletailed calico fry!

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That is a tonne of eggs, planning on raising a few? Goldfish are the 1 fish i cannot breed, seriously i can get the algae eaters (who ppl say are impossible to breed), barramundi but not goldies i don't know what it is. although i only have had commons and fantails. go figure.

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Oh that is gravel stones with funny algae on, I haven't found a way to get rid of them yet, the plecs don't eat them...

The other tank is full of them...

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Fry are almost a month old now, and a few have died. That's okay, I have so many.

The calico's are starting to show, but I haven't seen any doubletails at all...

They grow very fast thought!





I guess this will be a fry diary!

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Can't wait to hear more about the babies!!

Hey, I have always been curious........why the name OLD HAG?

When I suggested that name, my daughter thought it suited me fine... she was an angry teenager then...

Here are some pics of my fry from today. They grow so fast!


Here is the biggest one, a calico!


Little fishies!

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They are so *cute*! :wub:

I hope mine are as big and healthy-looking three or four weeks from now (although I have a hard time imagining them looking that sturdy and fish-like, given their current squiggly state).

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My plec Uno is not a goldfish, but he had an accident recently. His head got stuck in an ornament, and I was terrified. I asked hubby for help, and told him: if you can't release him, put him down...

But my plec survived, and is doing fine now.

I will seal all ornaments...

My fry keeps growing, especially Bamse. Here is a pic of Bamse with a "normal" fry...


I keep practising taking fishy pics, and I am crazy about "portraits". So I fix them in Photoshop, I have learned more and more.

Zweetie is getting paler, maybe she'll turn white???


And here is little Yellow or Caviar or whatever his name will be... I don't want to interfere, he is my sons fish!


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Oh, I couldn't find this blog. I thought it was lost!

But summer has been fine for my fishies. Everyone has survived pond life though spring was pretty chilly.

Now they are in for winter, and I think they have all grown.

Brownie is almost orange now, but I think I will keep the name. He still is Brownie to me!


Zorro has completely lost his grey/blue color. Sad. Here he is with Belly and Yellow.


We have emptied the pond and I found 2 very tiny fry. I put them in with the others and they are still alive.

They are in Tiny Tank with the new plec, Flora, and they seems to do great. There are 6 fry now!

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