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I've Injured My Fish :(

Guest Ms Manic

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Guest Ms Manic

Hi. I'm sorry if this has been gone over but I've done a search and can't seem to find anything this bad. This is my first posts o please be patient.

I've adopted two 'bog-standard' goldfish off my sister-in-law. She grown bored of them and they were living in a tiny, dirty tank. They are both extremely small because of this. They've been in quarantine and this morning was the time to move them to the big tank. I couldn't find my net so I used a jug (which I now know was very dumb). The first fish was moved fine, but the second fish (Bob) darted out suddenly and had his side clipped my the edge of the jug.

He has a large red patch between his gill and his fin, and most worryingly is only able to swim on his side, and with difficulty.

Is there anything that can be done for him, or at least to make him more comfortable. I feel absolutely awful. He came here for a better life and got this :(

I haven't posted any test results because I'm not sure where to keep him. At the moment he is back in quarantine. However, the quarantine tank only has a very basic filter and is difficult to regulate. The big tank, on the other hand, has a very good filter, plus temperature control. But of course this tank has other fish in (5 now in total). Should I move him to the better tank or leave him where he is? The other fish are unlikely to 'pick on him', but obviously I realsie it might be impossible to treat him with healthy fish in the tank.

Could any advice please be spelt out quite simply because I have no experience with this and might need to have things explained. Thanks xx

edit: he is now swimming better, but something is hanging out his side :S

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Move him back to the qt tank and add salt. The salt can be aquarium salt, rock salt, kosher salt, sea salt, etc., just not table salt or anything that has been iodized. The salt will treat for stress and bacterial infections. Here is a link to Koko's Goldfish and Salt Article. You need to start by adding 0.1% salt, then, 12 hour later, upping that to 0.2% then 12 hours later, up it one more time to 0.3% salt. 0.1%=1 tsp salt per 1 gallon of water. 0.2%=2 tsp salt per gallon of water. 0.3%=3 tsp salt per gallon of water.

It really would be best if you could get a second filter to up the filtration levels. Also, additional aeration is important. Because your qt is uncycled, I'm assuming it is anyway, you need to do daily water tests with drop test kits. You need to keep the water as pristine as possible. Do daily water changes of at least 50% and easily as much as 90% to keep the ammonia levels down. Also make sure your qt tank is bare bottom.

Base your answers to the questions on the qt tank and give us as much info as you can. Also explain what the original quarantine treatment consisted of, i.e., salt, prazi, meds, etc., water changes, test readings, etc.

Please explain "something is hanging out his side."

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Guest Ms Manic

Well it was white with red bits on. I was worried his guts were hanging out but it seems to have disappeared so I guess it was a false alarm. He is swimming around normally so I'm tentatively hoping he'll be alright so long as he doesn't get an infection.

The original qt treatment was to do regular water changes and 'hoovering' the bottom, plus testing the water for ammonia and changing when needed. I'll go and test he tank now to see how things stand.

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