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Arginite And Ph

Guest RoyML

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Good Morning...I am converting my 55 gallon tank to goldfish and am considering using some "ARGINITE" in the gravel to get/maintain a Ph of +/- 7.4. Does anyone have any thoughts on this product....RoyML

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Hi there, RoyML, and :welcome

I never used Aragonite sand, but the fact that indeed it is sand tells me that I wouldn't use it with goldfish. Goldfish are natural grazers on the tank bottom - always looking for something to eat and munch on. When they get sand in their mouths (and usually spit it back out), not all of it might get out, and they can swallow that. Since the fish expel air through their gills, the sand gets in their gills and by sheer nature of sand acts like sandpaper. Which is not what you want anywhere the fragile gills of a goldfish.

I assume your tank was a salt water tank before? Did you ever have pH issues with it? If you have unstable pH, there are better products out there that aren't irritating to goldfish's health. "Buffer up" from Goldfishconnection.com would be one of them, so would be crushed coral in a netting squeezed into the filter. :)

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