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It's A New Day!


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Hi everyone,

In May I posted really bad news about losing 10 of our Koi in our outdoor pond. We lost Velvet a month later after doing all we could. We broke down the pond in May, and bleach bathed it. Filled it back up and tested the water out with 3 commons. They did good so a few weeks later we bought a few small Koi.

Last week California had a pretty good earthquake. A few stones moved in the pond and 2 days later we see 7 new fish! They all have deep color and are about 2-3 inches. Three of them are always out now swimming with the rest, the smaller ones come out once in a while but mostly hide.

Today I found 3 fry, so so tiny looks like they just hatched a few weeks ago.

How could this be? We only had 2 mature fish left after our ordeal. They were in seperate tubs while being treated and the pond was getting redone.

The 7 are really a good size and look over 3 months old.

2 of them are black. I know the books say you can not tell the parents by looking at the babies but Velvet was a special breed of Koi and our only black fish.

The nice thing is our pond is joyful again. I put the 3 fry in my tank to give them a better chance.

I guess God takith, and God givith.

I'll post picks when I can.

Hope your all having a nice summer.

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