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My Planted Tank So Far


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So I have a 10 gallon tank with gravel substrate, two of those tubey lights in the hood (those energy saving things), and a filter for a 10-15gal tank. Not to mention Clifford the betta :)

And my plants:

Aqua Fern (Borneo Fern)

Java Fern (multiplies worse than rabbits)


Peacock Fern

White Ribbon

I actually found out while searching for what plants I have (forgot on the peacock and white ribbon) that they (two I just mentioned) actually aren't aquatic!!! And yet they're sold labelled as aquatic plants!

Oh well. Appearently they do good as house plants, so I'll be potting them when I get home again :)

So far I'm just giving them Hagen Plant Gro


Should I be doing anything else for them?

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I tried to pull up the link for the fertilizer, but it didnt work. As long as the plants look healthy, then that is probably all you would need.

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Appearently the censor works on links too. lol. I'll try to get around that, hang on....

Can't fix it. Just copy/paste and replace the n's with P et smart

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