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Need Homes For 2 Fancies

Guest Danicole

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Guest Danicole

So like I mentioned a while back I was planning on downsizing my tanks, and I found someone who bought my 55 from me last night(of course it helps that the person on the other forum I was going to give them too said if I couldn't find someone else, and I thought she said that she definitely WOULD. Oops) So now I have all 4 of my guys in my 29 gallon tank. It has good filtration, but is going to be too small once the little guys start to grow at ALL(plus my coppery guy likes to pick on the biggest one already) So if anyone wants them, they're free, though you pay the shipping costs. I'll send them whatever way you'd like me to, but I NEED to find a home for them! It isn't necessary that they go to the same person, I just don't want to send them to a pet store where they'd likely die there or get sold to someone with a bowl =/ Both of them are healthy, though the bigger one WAS in a tank with a dragon goby before I got him, so his fins have some bent spots from where they were most likely beaten up on, but other than that he is perfect. No clue on ages, I got the little one from mmm and he's about 1-1.5" and the bigger one is maybe 3-4?

The pics are the best I've gotten of them in the few months I have had them.

The first is the little one.



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Guest Danicole

The rosies aren't for adoption :) I live in Grand Junction CO(western edge, middle of the state, about 5 miles from Utah)

I CAN wait until the weather cools a good bit. I don't have a problem keeping up until then, especially since the calico is the biggest one.

I can do paypal for payment, or you could send me money(though I'd rather do something like paypal so it can't get lost!) I'd need to find out how much it would be, though.

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