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Dreams, Lol.


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So I had the most random fishy dream. I like NEVER have fishy dreams.

Anyways...So I'm cleaning out this 10 gallon fishtank on my kitchen counter that had like this HUGE 1 foot prehistoric looking Pleco in it that's head was like 5 inches wide. Ugly brute, black with brown splotches on it, spiny fins. So I'm taking my python apart so I can fill the tank (didn't need all 25ft of it, lol) and the Pleco is on the counter top with this "Not this again" kind of expression.

Tank is filling...I look out the sliding glass doors (no where I ever lived had sliding glass doors that close to the kitchen) and there's a propane tank (bbq type) under the table on the porch, and there's like smoke outside. I look out, and the whole roof was on FIRE!!!!

Then I woke up scared out of my mind because I thought the house was on fire or something.

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OK i'll shave a fishie dream i had

my fish are swimming around my room like flying into the corners and, theres me jumping around trying to stuff them back into the water, this mainly envoled me with a net, jumping around like a ballet dancer, lol, but nooo my fish then start flying/swimming under tables chairs anywhere so i could'nt get them, all the time i throwing a wobbler saying things like you'll die if i don't get you back into the water, 1 thing i do remember saying is WIZZ'et GET BACK HERE lol as i dive to the floor net in hand in the most Bruce Willis way

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