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75 Gallon Planted Tank


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I have a mix of gravel and Seachem Flourite. I am not doing any ferts or CO2 that is just way to costly and anything science wise is over my head. :blink:

I need more plants. Have some coming in a couple weeks and as time goes on I am hoping the ones I have well start to fill in the tank.

This tank is shy a little on the lights 142 watts. Plan to replace a couple of the 32 watts in time. Once again money is tight these days so have to do it a little at a time.

This tank is about the fish :goldfish: first so some of the decorations are not what people normally put in a tank.

The pot is for the BN's to hide in they love it so it stays. :hide: The wood on the left is for the BN's to chew on so it stays.

This may not work at all I may turn into a huge mess but for now I love it. :wub:


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Made a few changes in hopes to balance it out more. There are two swords in the left corner and I have one on the right next to the crypts. They are small but should look nice when they get large.


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