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Made A Lot Of Changes.


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When my husband brought home that tiny long fish (calico commet or whatever those are called) I knew I could not keep it and it would have to go out to the farm in the pond.

Well I talked myself into taking Sunrise out there too.

So I moved the last three goldfish into my 29 gallon with my canster filter that holds 4 gallons of water and the HOB so there is 500 gph on that tank. I'll just feed a little less and do larger water changes.

That tank is in front of a window and even my husband was impressed with how much better the fish look in there.

Then I moved all the fish from that tank and all but two from my 10 gallon into the 75 gallon and I have some angel fish on order.

I am really pleased with how this worked out.

They even look better in the pictures. lol


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Thank you all for you kind comments. I really like this set up. Before the fish in that tank were so tiny I could not see them from my chair that I sit in when I crochet. With the goldfish in there they are so easy to watch. And I realy think the light from the window makes their colors look so much better.

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I agree I think goldfish look so much brighter in natural lighting. Mine get it from the sliding glass door every day. The only problem is the slightly green water but that doesn't bother me and doesn't bother them either :D

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