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Much Overdue


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I finally got the 10 gal cleared up so I can see to the back. So today all the fry large enough to eat an adult food pellet whole got moved to the 30 gal downstairs. I left the smaller guys upstairs so they won't have to compete as much now for food and will hopefully start to gain on their larger siblings...or not. So 7 bigguns got moved, and that leaves the 5 little guys upstairs.

To accomodate the little fry moving into the 30 gal, Fry Fry their older (1 year old next week!) sibling from last years spawning moved into the 46 upstairs with his mom and dad. He went from being the giant in the tank to being about 1/4 of the size of his parents. His dad could care less, but mom seems a bit curious. Every time she swims in his direction he seems to go into panic mode "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GIANT COMING MY WAAAY!!!!!!!!!" and tries to keep 6 inches between them, even tho mom is not being agressive or even swimming fast at all. Oh, Fry Fry is finally starting to color up...he is gonna be gold!

All but two of my fry have shorter tails that are mostly fused down the middle, and viewed better from above. The other two I suspect are fathered by my much longer finned black moor, they almost look like they have shark fins, and their tails are a shape I have not seen described before (not fused, as long as their bodies are, and well sorta reminds me of ribbon ends), both are the darker color now that will probably turn gold later. Of all 12, I have a single fry displaying pearlscales so far, it is a little calico with mismatched eyes that I call Patches. There is a larger patches lookalike that got moved to the big tank, but does not have any paerlies. Then there is the one we are calling Pig Jr. This fry has been the largest since about 4 weeks old, and has almost identical coloring to pig, the common we recently gave away...except he also has some black speckles and stripes in the tail.

And now to the fun part....piccies

The 7 in the bucket while being moved you can see the two tail types here.



more bucket shots. These show the real coloring in the dark ones, as I didnt realize the camera was on the color accent mode before.



Sorta a tank shot with the bigguns in their new home.


Someone is a bit aprehensive at first.


Shots of the darkies by the plants.



So far the big ones dont seem to have problems with the extra current in the tank, they ate well when food was offered, but also seem to stick in groups most of the time. Hopefully in the next day or so they get a bit more adventerous and take advantage of the entire tank.

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I noticed yesterday morning that my plants in the living room tank are now squeaky clean! All of them had hair algae growing to some degree along the edges that the plecos won't eat. So one of the big 7 apparently has a taste for hair algae. This will be the first fish I have that will eat the stuff at all. If I could only figure out which one of them is doing it.

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Awww...I love the calico in the 3rd pic and the flowy tailed one in the bottom left of the 1st pic :)

My calico has a fused but flowy tail, it's the cutest little thing.

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