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Goldfish Log Books?

Guest katie.P

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Guest katie.P

I keep a goldfish log book like many of you have advised but am stuck on things to put in it, at the mo it is pretty emty.

So what do you put in yours, at the moment its just stuff like how much filter start i put in the tank and any thing else i put in there?

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I don't keep a log book (though I should). This is what I would put in it:

--A brief description of your tank and equipment

--Names, sizes, description of fish

--Results of all water tests (done at least weekly)

--Amounts of water changed (at least weekly)

--Amount of medications (including aquarium salt) when added

--Descriptions of anything new added to the tank

--Quarantine procedures/day tally

--Descriptions of any notable behavior (such as bottom sitting, air sucking, breeding behavior)

--Descriptions of any notable physical aspects (bumps, discolorations, etc)

--Amount and type of food fed daily

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Since I'm a total computer geek, I keep an excel spreadsheet log. I print out blanks every month or so and pin them next to the tanks.

It started as just a feeding chart with my kids putting in their initial when they fed the fish, but it turned into too much of a contest to see who could feed them most often. :rolleyes: I had to move to just using check marks.

Now it has columns for food, water test results, water changes and notes. The notes can include behavior, medication, and anything else I notice. I also like to note down when I do filter maintenance, like rinsing the media, or clearing hair out of the impeller.

It also might be nice to put in an occasional fish length, so you can see how your fish are growing over time.

When I need to print out a new page, I enter the old information on my computer.

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I like hard copy - done with a pencil.

I have a notebook. On the left side of the pages I have a list of all the tanks - identified by the fish that are in them, the size, etc. Each tank listed will have a date written behind it noting the date on which it was last changed. This gives a quick glance check on water changes.

On the right hand pages, I have the daily log. Each day, I enter which tanks I have changed, how much I change, chemistry of tank (water test results if I have taken any). I note any medications added - doses and duration. I note any problems observed in the fish. I note breeding - eggs, hatching, etc. Anytime I do a major filter cleaning - such as a cannister, etc - it is noted. If I add new media or whatever, it is noted.

At the back of the book, I keep a log of all the fish that come in and go out. Each is photographed, if possible (there are many that are not), and entered with the date they arrive. They are then logged as they are "healed", notes on what was wrong, etc. and logged as they leave - either back to their original homes, to new homes, stay in my collection or die.

Every year, I take out last year's notes and filte them and start a new year's worth.

This allows me to see what is working, what is not working. It keeps me straight on the water changes - I get a good feel for what each fish/tank needs with or without tests, I follow progress on injury, sickness and parasites - tracking so that I do not accidentally cross contaminate tanks/fish. Medications are never by guess or by golly - they are done in carefully measured and calculated doses - so that I do not miss a dose - and do not miss a time. (timing is often important. It is also noted the replacement of UV lamps and even light bulbs in lighiting units. They begin to fade after a time. I used to run a light meter on the various lighting pieces - but quickly found out that was an exersise in frustration, but I do note how old bulbs are and schedule replacement by my notes.

A notebook is essential. I can no longer keep many things in my head as I did when I was younger. The notebook does that for me, now.


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I also prefer a notebook that I can physically carry around.. It's convienient because I have tanks all over the house and I like to be able to have it with me wherever I go.. I don't feel like carrying my laptop from room to room. And also, sometimes I use the desktop, sometimes the laptop. So if my log was on the computer it would actually cause more problems..

My log is set up like this.. example: (the info isn't all accurate some is, but I just made up numbers)

August 13, 2008

Tank 9 - Kahlua & Malibu - 10 gallon - Temp=77

Ammo=0 Nitrite=0 Nitrate=15 PH=8.0

66% water change using syphon, cleaned filter

Added 20 drops Prime to new water

Added 1/2 Tsp Prazi. Prazi In Day 1, Overall Day 28

Fed GFC Bloodworms

Then I follow that example with any tank I do anything to that day.. of course, changes are made based on what is going on with the fish. Such as

50% water change using syphon (which removed 15 tsp salt)

Added 15 tsp salt back in with new water (Salt is at 0.3%)

When I get a new fish, or a QT is done, or a medication is completed. Big things like that I put it it all caps with a bunch of ********* around it!

In the back of the book I have info jotted down similar to what I have in my koko's notepad. Medication doses, things other's have told me, extra facts.. I started this book 2 months ago, it's almost full.

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I try to keep my log sheets uo to date, I like to weigh my fish just to see how they're devoloping. I have a scale then put a 5 gallon tank on it full of tank water and zero it, then put the fish in and their's it's weight. I don't know it's necessary to weigh them but it's interesting.

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