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Diy Filter Media


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well, this is how it started...

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive bio-filter media I can use in my DIY pond filters?

I'm looking for something inexpensive easy to find/buy. I already have some bio-filter balls, but need something that provides more surface area and bulk.


this was my response....

i have read and heard that the best bio balls are the ones with the lil spikes on them. they give the best flow through and stack the best without losing surface area. if you want to go cheap.....go with nylon scrubbing pads. i know, sounds funny, i laughed too, but think of the flow through. now, think of all the little holes or pourous surface that the bb can colonize. im not talking about the ones for showering, it is not as tight as the scrubbers. you will find them cheap, readily available, and will last quite a long time. just squeaze them out (gently) in a bucket of the pond water if they accumulate a lot of gunk and toss it back in. but, it is not best to use a mechanical filter, so have some sort of pre filter before it gets to them. like, if you want to go cheap again.....felt. can work as a pre filter and will still hold a ton of bb! just clean them the same way. best places are the dollar type stores for the scrubbers, but found everywhere. hope this helps.

thought of some more....


replacement mopheads


scrubbing pads

will add more when i think of some, or read about more. oh, make sure that all cleaning supplies are unused, and free of any type of chemical reside or antibacterial stuff as it will kill the fish. also, if you use felt or yarn or anything else make sure that it is color fast or that you presoak all the dye out of it or ya might have different colored water. this sounds like something for tip ot the month doesnt it lol. good luck and let me knoe how it works out which ever way you go

now, this can be used in a diy pond filter, hob filter (with room of course), sump tanks, and in canisters (that use baskets). just thought that i would put it here just in case it doesnt get seen in the pond thread

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I agree. There's so many less expensive alternatives we can use as filter media. As long as the material is clean, unused and free from chemicals, nothing says we have to use a piece of fiber or sponge that some manufacturer has dubbed "filter media" when we can use many things to make our own!

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