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Meet Gilbert.


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Well, I got a new fish the other day. A darling little pearlscale barely an inch long/wide, whom I decided to name Gilbert. Even though his fins were looking pretty ragged at the edges (I was worried that it was fin rot, but it's all gone now and I've been keeping a close eye on him, I think it was just wear and tear from the pet store and moving) he was the most curious of the batch of tiny swimming golf balls. He's been swimming and eating well, and getting along with the other fish nicely too.

Here he is!


Like a deer in the headlights. He really didn't like photo time. Kept on hiding in little holes the other fish couldn't fit in in their wildest dreams.


"Why who is this handsome devil now! I didn't know there was another pearscale in this tank. Come here and hug me!"


Getting along (and begging for food).


He is very round. He's going to be such a ball when he grows up!


He would follow Ophie around like a puppy. It's the cutest thing.

Speaking of Ophie, she's been doing well.


She is loosing all her black (sadly) but that was expected.


Just to show you guys how big she is. She has gotten bigger since I got her, and has learnt to attack my hand to get peas.


This is her a month or so ago.


This is her now.


And here's Pigeon because he is such a stud muffin.

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Is she really that fat?! OMG! She is a pudgeball! All your babies are just adorable!

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that is a great looking pearlie! gonna grow big and wide from the looks of it. the others are great looking fish too. i think i have the twin to your fantail. i rescued two with almost the same marking.

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