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Newest Photos Of My Fish

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Yea, the gonopodium is the best way, males have it, females have a normal anal fin. But generally the males are the ones with the large and colorful caudal fins and smaller bodies. Females have shorter fins and broader bodies.

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Ever since I saw pics of Chrissy's guppies, I just LOVE them.
Awwwww thanks :heart

The only problem I've had with guppies and platties/mollies is they sometimes pick at the slime coat of other fish. I have mine with tetras now so it's not an issue. But I say give it a try, if they are little pests to your fish you at least have an extra 5 gallon to sepearte them :)

My first community tank was a 5 gallon, I had 6 or 7 fish in there. Just keep a close eye on the perams, and plants can help too :)

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Thanks Bala for the info!!! Guppies are MUCH easier to tell apart than other fish : )

At first they didn't want to sell me two males. They said it has to be sold in pairs because otherwise no one will want the females. But I don't them I don't want babies because my tank is small, so they said it was okay. : ) Woo hoo

Now I have two guppies!!!! : ) I will get pics as soon as I can. They are fast little buggers! One of them is adjusting well, the other is very scared.. I think I am going to add ammochips to the filter.. Their tank is set up seperate from the platy for now. This is one of the best stores around, but when I mentioned QTing the guy (he wasn't one of the main ones) said "oh you don't have to do that!" I just said "ohhh GREAT!" then came home and set up my QT tank! LOL

I figure I can use ammochips to keep the water in the QT tank fine (no salt in there), and once they are done they can just move in with the platy.. If there is any weird behavior like Chrissy mentioned, I can always seperate them, it's just more of a pain that way.

I love em. They are so pretty!

Well I successfully changed the subject of yet another thread : )



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