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Our Trip To The Park!


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Not many grand pics (our city park isn't that grand) but there is one weird one, one purdy one and one sad one...

Remember the flood I posted back in June? Here are a few pics of whats left of the damage.




Larry is there for size reference. He's about 6' 2"


It washed all the sandy soil from under the sidewalk!!


These aren't results of the flood. They were probably moved, but they were already downed long before the flood hit.




This isn't downed tree, just a split root :D



The man-made lake/pond. I think they're all man-made, but the others don't look like it.


One of the paths we went down. There's one of those orb-thingys on the left...


Fountain! (It reeked of fish by that part of the lake. The lakes are connected and seperate from the river)


The covered bridge.


Seriously green water!!


This is the weird pic. See the red/pink fog around Larry and the bottom right corner?


Pretty flower with flash.


Same flower without flash.


Little bitty frog!


Pretty blue-eyed dragonfly.


And finally, the sad pic.

I love the way old stumps/roots look when they've been weathered and worn. When I build a pond, I plan on sneaking some of those to set around it. I think the plants and moss growing on them is beautiful.

Thanks for looking! I hope you liked them!

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Lovely pics poor fish :cry1 . Makes me want take pics of our local park must put it on my to do list. Specially as the resident swans normally breed this time of year :)

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Those are impressive photos :) You did a great job capturing the aftermath....that sidewalk and tree are a great shot. that frog must have been hard to get the shot of....man reminds me when I did photography :D

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It's a good thing that the froggie pic turned out nice. It was the only one I got. :D If I can get a better (faster) camera, I would spend waaaay too much time at the park! Oh! I should drag Larry to Brown County State Park! I could get some nice pics there...

Thank you for the compliments everyone!!!

I tried to get pictures of some strange bird and a heron/crane. They were too fuzzy, but would have been nice if they weren't. Then there was the turtle that actually RAN away from Larry! Talk about funny stuff! Larry isn't from the country (like moi) so I had to point out and slightly startle every critter because he couldn't see them ;)

Now if I can only get nice pics of my mouseys... They're always fuzzy blobs with perfectly focused feet. :glare: It doesn't matter because they're beautiful feet!

I can't get any good fishy pic either! lol

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