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New Fish Babies!

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Last weekend I went to visit my boyfriend in Coral Springs. Right down the street in Tamarac is, as far as I know, the only retail Big Al's store in the US. OMG! it's amazing in there. Anyways I talked him into buying me some new fish babies.




I just love the little tiny pearscale...he's so cute. I have dubbed him Mochi.

The oranda I named Merlin. He was a lot darker and mostly black when I bought him.

And I was going to name the fantail Houdini. But he's got a orange ring around his lips that keeps making me think of the joker from the new batman movie. He may become "Joker".

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mmm.... I LOVE mochi! Red bean is my favorite! lol! And a most lovely chocolate oranda you have there. But, it looks to me like your "fantail" is a ryukin! All definitely cuties though!

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