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Farewell To Garfunkel

Guest Musicmadmk

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Guest Musicmadmk

To Dear Garfunkel,

This is a special tribute to you, my little goldfish friend. I got you from a pet shop along with Simon (who died a few years ago now) and I kept you both first in a hexagon shaped tank, with a pump and everything, I hoped you would both be okay. The tank got pretty grotty over the years and so I replaced it with a large goldfish bowl after Simon died. I rescued you when my flat was flooded and we went to live with my mum for 9 months....and then you came back with me. You were always such a hardy strong little fish until you finally succombed to illness and I had to do what was best for you in the end.

I promised you that I would never keep goldfish in a bowl again. I intend to keep that promise I made to you as you lay dying, and hope one day that all fishy friends get all they deserve.

All that remains for me to say now is, have a good time in the Great Tank in the Sky.

With lots of love from your Earth owner



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Michelle I am sorry that you had to lose Garfunkel.. I know it's been a rough time for you recently with him..I am glad you've vowed to never keep another goldy in a bowl. It's a shame that so many of us have to learn that the hard way. I know it was hard for you to let Garfunkel go. It sounds like he was suffering. You made a difficult decision and I can't imagine how hard that must have been. RIP Garfunkel.. Go make music with Simon now : )

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