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Ice Molds For Gel Food


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I was thinking about this while surfing around...There's those rubbery "novelty shaped" ice-cube trays at just about every store that sells food supplies. I saw some banana-shaped ones that were about the same size as those 3 day vacation feeders*, which should be big enough to feed several goldies. :D

This then brought up the question of filling them :unsure:

Ideally, a syringe would be the perfect tool, but I don't know how many people own one. Another option is a turkey baster. Just suck up some of the still liquid mixture and squirt it into the mold. Once it's all filled, stick it in the fridge until the gel is set, then stick them into the freezer until they're good and hard. After that, pop them out and into your container of choice. Then just take one out and drop it in the tank to feed your fish. If they're frozen enough, you can usually bang them a bit to break them up into smaller bits.

The molds are reuseable, and it's less work than filling a tray and having to cut it into cubes, not to mention safer for your fingers :)

*gel food should not be used as a vacation feeder, and any leftover that is not eaten by the fishies should be removed and thrown out. I just used the vacation feeders as a size comparison.

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