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Update: 5 Batches

Guest fry

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Well I thought I'd give an update on my batches of fry. (FYI, I was known as Spawn, but forgot my u/p and email, so here i am as fry ;) )

Believe it or not, my pond fish have spawned, 5 times this year (from May to August) [so far].

I've collected eggs from the first 4 batches as shown in my previous topics with pics.

Batch 1

50-70 fish in 2-2and1/2ft of a 3ft tank (I've split it). @ hatched in May

The majority are still bronzies.

Besides about 5-6 calicos

3 so far have colored. 2 orange (with bits of black) and one white with an orange header and orange all the way down the top and tail. And then black tips of dorsal and tail. (My favourite of my babies at the moment).

The rest are still bronzies (looking more and more like goldfish, the way that they have fattened up).

The biggest at the moment is 2 to 2 and 1/2 inches, some not far behind. But most are inch+

(As soon as the big ones colors up, they are going in the pond). [giving more room for the others]

Videos (very small/crappy)








Pics (apologies in advance, mobile camera in use)


My favourite baby fry at the moment, the white with orange head and down its back, with a black tipped tail and dorsal



Biggest shub - rather plain at the moment, but I'm hoping he'll color up



Feeding (well its the only way I can get them to slow down)


Birds eye view (well if I had birds inside ;) )






Shub with some color, orange


Sadly, no pics of the big one, he should be on the videos though ;)

Batch 3 (yes 3 before 2).

Well I handcrafted a divider for my 3ft main tank and cordoned off 6-12inches and put my 3rd batch in it (who at this time were newly hatched).

Unfortunately, what I hadn't realised was that my divider wasn't flush at the back of the tank, and most of the small ones (of 200 probably 150) escaped into the larger section, where they provided an easy meal for batch 1.

Fortunately, many more of batch 3 were still in the pond, so I took some more out and put them in a large bin (with aeration). Once, I'd made sure no more could slip out the back of my tank. I put those in to increase the numbers.

At the moment there are about 100+ of batch 3 now growing quite a bit. Hopefully as I decrease the no.s in batch 1 (by putting them in the pond/giving them away), I can increase the size of their area.

I can tell there are a few shubunkin/calicos in this batch, (probably 5%.) the rest are well more silver than bronze, but its probably too early to tell yet. (could be the difference between sunlight vs tanklight)

No pics of these unfortunately. The are at one end of my tank where its too dark to get a good photo. and too small.

Batch 2. -

Well they haven't grown that fast, but this is probably due to the insane numbers as you'll remember from my previous pics.

I've been culling off deformed ones.

About 5 were getting larger than the others, so I placed those in a large ice cream container for a week (with aeration), feeding them up, and have managed to put them in my batch 1 (without being eaten).

Most of the shub/calico fry in this batch died [weren't strong enough] (again probably 5%). The large ones are a definate and noticeable silvery color when compared to the bronzies.

Despite daily water changes/cleaning/scraping the tank was getting a bit dirty. So I moved most of them into the large large bin (with aeration). Which meant I had managed to completely clean each of the containers/tanks almost all my babies were in.

Blue bin with babies - too small really for my camera


Few of the larger ones remaining in batch 2 in an ice cream container






This was just in time for batch 4 which was laid was week.

Batch 4

I've put these in the tank vacated by batch 2. There are alot less fry than in all my previous batches. (probably 50-60) so I'm hoping they will grow a bit faster.

Too early at the moment to tell whatever they are.




Batch 5

Well these were laid yesterday/today. I haven't actually taken any out of the pond at the moment, and I doubt if i will. (i need to stop now ;) )

Very few eggs were laid. Laid by my big white fantail and chased by two orange goldfish and a shub

What now? Well its August, and I reckon if we have another weekend of sunny weather here in the UK, that I'll be in for batch 6. Everyone looks fat, although it could be from gorging on all the babies and eggs which I haven't collected.

I've never known anything like it.

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