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Fungus Problem

Guest Bryan

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Guest Bryan

I have a common and a fancy goldfish in a 30 gallon tank. ?The common has a case of fungus on its tail, white cotton-like strands which started as fin rot. ?Here are the answers to the tank questions:

ammonia level: ?0 or 0.25 at the most

nitrite level: between .5 and 2.5

nitrate level: 20-40

ph level: 8.4

ph level out of tap: 7.5

brand of test kit: strips except for ammonia and ph

tank size: 30 gal

time running: ~ 2 months

name and size of filter: second nature whisper power filter (not sure was size technically, its about 8 inches long with 4-5 inch wide filters)

water change frequency: 25% every day or 50% every other day when busy

fish in tank: 2, both an inch and a half of so

water additives: water conditioner (aquasafe), 1-2 tablespoons of salt per 5 gals when changing water

medications: several fungus treatments tried (jungle, fungus eliminator)

new fish: no

fish food: goldfish flakes

unusual findings: fungus, tail rot, fin rot on one fore-fin of the fancy

unusual behavior: the common previously spent much of his time on the bottom in an ornament, now both stay near top

I have tried all I can to get this tank cycled and to get the nitrite levels down but I can not seem to do this. ?I also can't get his fungus away. ?I have tried fungus treatments and two short salt dips as well for the common. ?I have tried a liquid bacteria product to aid in cycling but fear it may advance the fungus. ?Any suggestions? ?I don't know what to do next. ?


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Hi Bryan.

Have you tried adding salt to the tank? It is so good for early stage fin problems like this and it protects the fish from the nitrite exposure you are having here which will surely be the root cause.

Salt dips are not such a good idea for tiny fish like these. A sustained, more gentle immersion is. If you click on the link for "How to salt" in my sig and follow instructions up to 0.2% (only) over 24 hours, I am quite sure your fish will perk up.

One more important thing. Do you have an extra bubbler/air wand you can add while cycling? Nitrites damage the red cells ability to transport oxygen and this is why the fish gasp at the surface (or try to conserve energy lieing on the bottom). If you dont have an extra wand you can always adjust the filter spray or outpipe so it makes a splash at the surface. Dont worry about disturbing the fish, a turbulent or at least ruffled and bubbling water surface pays many dividends for them..kills off lots of bad bacteria as well as dissolves oxygen back down into the water.

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