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Goldfish Supply List!


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Well, I'm moving away from home to my first apartment (yay!) and I've been busy gathering together all the things I will need, from nailclippers to chairs to lamps. Fortunatly, I am allowed to have a fishtank! Which means I'll be bringing along my fish. You may have seen me around asking about moving fish and similar topics. (No matter how much I read about this topic I always feel nervious about moving my fish! I worry I will forget something importent.) So I will be bringing up a brand new shiney 20 gallon tank with Ophie and a new tankmate (maybe, she may just have 20 gallons to herself). I'll most likely have to at least finish a cycle once there, though I will have some established gravel and the filter media to help out.

So I would love if any of you could help me with a list of what I should bring for my goldfish. As far as I know the town I am going to doesn't have a fish store of any kind, and only has a dog/cat supply store. So I'll need some basic fish medications with me I assume, though I have no idea what.

Here is my list as of right now. Please tell me if I forgot anything importent! (or if there is something helpful I can bring).

20 gallon tank

Cover w/ light



goldfish food (pellets as well as fresh food)

gravel vac/syphon

Two buckets

Fish medication (what should I have on me?)

Tap water conditioner/declorinator

Snail (maybe)

Drop test kit

For the airplane:




container (box w/ insulation)

dry ice (maybe)

And, will the pressure change in the plane (especially if I have to have to put them with the luggage) hurt the fish?

For the car trip:

Bucket w/ lid

air pump (and extra batteries)

ammonia remover

If there is anything at all I should add to the list, please tell me! I am very excited for my new place, art school as well as having my fish live with me.

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Oooooh..this is a tricky one...If you remember Lynda had helped you with some info on moving a fish when in a flight...but yeah you might want to research and pack the little guy really well..the pressure could definitely affect the fish..but maybe someone more experienced can help you with this...

As far as medications, conditioners, food and supplies are concerned..you can always order some online from Goldfish Connection...they ship it pretty fast..also I would really have salt in stock with me..the salts that are safe to use.. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=60876

Also have a heater with you..just in case you need to to cure some sickness...I would really suggest first successfully only transporting Ophie...have him established in the tank for at least 4-6 weeks...and then maybe you can order a friend/tankmate for him online...always quarantine...since you would not have a fish store around..I would suggest having Ophie by himself and cut down on any complications..besides the flight could stress him...so establishing him first should be your aim at the moment...Good Luck!!

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Thank you. I will be doing a lot of research about bringing fish on planes. So I need to add salt and a heater to the list. The new fish, if we get it, will most likely be put into quarentine then introduced to the tank at the shop with Ophie and the shop fish. Hopefully (if flying doesn't prove to be a problem) keeping them at a cooler temperature and packing them with oxygen and an air pump should help keep stress to a minimum, I hope anyway. Though if any of the online auctions did ship to Dawson city in the Yukon.... (evil grin). I suppose it all depends how far the fish can be shipped.

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