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Blisters? On Side Of Gold Fish

Guest sixfoot

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Guest sixfoot

My gold fish shares an outside pond with 11 other gold fish. He (I think) is about 3 years old, and has been extremely healthy and happy until recently. It started with a small blister-like growth protruding from underneath a scale on one side. Now the growth seems to have spawned a few more growing from the same spot. These are like clear bubbles. He shows no other signs of disease. His color is great, his appetite seems to be the same, and he happily swims all over with the rest of his buddies. Could this spread to any other fish? I don't want him to suffer or to infect other fish, but don't want to get rid of him if there is nothing serious.

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Hiya Sixfoot! Welcome to koko's! : )

Before we can help diagnose your fish, I have a question for you..

Do you have a water testing kit? There is a box of questions at the top of the page. Would you be able to copy & paste that box of questions and answer them as best you can? Getting this information is the first step in figuring out what is causing the problems.

Thanks sooo much!!! : )

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