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Tetra Jaw Problems

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I've noticed that 2 of my 3 neon tetras have some really weird stuff happening to their mouths. One of them looks like he's missing his entire mouth, could he have gotten mouthrot? It would be hard to notice with such small, fast fish. He seemed ok but for the past day he's been gulping air, I'm really feeling bad for the poor guy. Then there's his buddy, who has a growth on his bottom jaw that's round and white and making the entire jaw protrude. He doesn't seem bothered at all by this, but it looks really weird. I'll try to get pics, but it's hard. I've noticed that tropicals seem to have a lot of mouth problems, but it's weird for two fish to have these problems together, I'm wondering if it's a disease. Any thoughts?

Oh, btw, they live in a heavily planted 20 gal with black skirt and x-ray tetras, guppies, corries and an otto. There's a penguine running and the tank is well established/cycled. I think the pH is on the low end, around 6.4.

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