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Me And My Trip

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ok so here are some places we have been on the bike we have gone to Niagra falls ...sorry not to the falls.. wine country is where it's at !!!living close to the falls ..i guess I take it for granted ...sorry I couldn't take more pics ..hard to do while on a motorcycle ..and some are from Port Burwall..another place that is a best kept secret :D

I think this is a generation station


side veiw I thought this building was soo pretty ...I also wanted to get pics of the heritage wine houses ..but do you think anybody would stop!!


and me before !! http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm43/ma...=Picture431.jpg

the river that leads to the falls


I call this pic beauty and the beast ..note the beauty with the industrial ugliness(spell??)


so here is Port Burwall ..on the way they are putting up turbines (windmills )and they are huge !!! thank God for Kevins bike breaking down(numerous times) or I wouldn't be able to take the pics that I did.


are friend Kevin breaking down the first time


the second


the third :D


and finally little beach community Port Burwall ..cute town here is there lighthouse


scenary while eating at a pub


and a cool video that went all weird and made it look like it was taken in the 70's..are buddy Bruce couldn't get his bike started :lol1


and this is me !! before we left !!


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Great pics :)

Bike trips must be SO fun. My bf has his bike licence but no bike :cry

I went for my first ride on one last summer, I thought I'd be scared but I loved it, I'd like to get my own someday.

they are fun !!!...if we are ever down that way I'll look you up!! I have never seen the ocean before ..don't care to see it anywhere else but I want to see it on canadian soil ,so I'm hoping a trip out east will be in the works in the next year or 2!! :D

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Looks like a fun trip! Everything looks so nice and green. I'm out on holiday in California right now, and everything here is dry, dry, dry!

Traveling on a bike always made me feel part of the scenery, rather than cut off from it inside a car. At least, it's nice as long as the weather is good!

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