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Minneapolis- Umkc 2008 Koi Show

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This show starts tomorrow at 4 PM - there's info in this thread if you're local and could make it by: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=65065

But I figured I'd share some early pictures to give people an idea what a koi show looks like if they haven't seen one. And share some of the details of how the behind the scenes stuff goes getting ready:Set up is almost done, despite the heat. Here's some early pictures to whet your appetites.

Entrance area:


The venue host Bachman's graciously let us use plants form the sale floor to dress up the place


Club Table


Seminar schedule is posted:


Down the side aisle:


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The mechanics

Temper tanks for water from the well on site:


Overhead PVC runs for tempered water and air run above both lines of show tanks in the greenhouse:


An airstone for each tank drops from the PVC lines. There is also a water line into each tank with a regulator to keep the flow through system going.


On club-owned tanks, a standpipe is installed to drain water into a PVC pipe on the ground and back out of the show site. A siphon version over the lip of the tank drains water on the show tanks provided by sponsor Poly-tank.


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Trophy table is all decorated, waiting for the trophies:


Champion Challenge tanks (Marudo showa growout contest). Fish will be assigned by lottery and brought back to the 2009 show for judging.




Four koi donated by Kodama for the club koi auction are already in their tank


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Awww, thanks! I love that fish.

I took about a million video clips today - mostly Koi Acres sales tanks and the goldfish from Southwest and some in-bag shots. And just two tanks of the exhibitor koi since most were still floating in the bags or not there yet when I had to time to poke around.

I don't think I can directly embed them here, but they will all be going up in my Vimeo account so you can take a peek at your leisure: http://www.vimeo.com/user647914/videos

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Wow, some amazing videos! :thumbs: Looks like it was a great show. I see Peter Ponzio and Ray Jordan on the seminar list - some great speakers for any show! Did you get a chance to talk to them personally?

I see you mentioned Kodama koi - was Matt McCann from Quality koi there as well? He usually holds the most fasincating lectures on the most recent effort in koi breeding and health.

I love the videos from SW goldfish - as usual, perfect fish for sale. I could pick out 5-6 fish which I wouldn't mind owning. A couple of those panda orandas, a pearlie or two, and I see an adorable pompon oranda. Nice ryukin too!

Tank 24 - is that your fish? Is there a ryukin in with the koi? :unsure:

So, did you buy anything? Win anything? A raffle maybe? I love those shows!!

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It was great - yup, tank 24 was my tank. The ryukin won the "Here for the Beer" award for being the worst koi entered (ha ha!), and the special "Best Companion Fish", which was a robotic koi someone had written on in Sharpie.

I got a chance to talk to all of the judges about my fish, and Peter Ponzio spent a few minutes looking at photos and videos of some of my other goldfish to talk to me about them. Very educational. He recommended I bring two of mine to the Chicago show, but sadly I can't make it down there. Peter also did a lecture about goldfish, I've got transcribing my notes and republishing them on my to-do list when I get some free time.

I've got the little black and red pearlie swimming around in QT right now, along with a black oranda and the chocolate pearlie who are flying to a friend in NY next week.

Here are pics of all 113 koi exhibited at the show: http://s153.photobucket.com/albums/s230/ch...ching%20Photos/

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