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Gravel Stuck In Mouth

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Whew close call!! Glad things worked out for you!!

In the past I have noticed that when most people are removing or changing gravel the best method is to remove a cupful at a time.. That way there is no bump in the cycle... I decided to get rid of the gravel in my tanks and go with larger decorative stones. I am happy I did. Although the fish can move them around, they don't pick them up and actually put them in the mouths. I was reading about people running into that problem and it SCARED me.. I believe it you do remove it all completely, it will not start the cycle all over again, because most of your BB are housed in the filter and filter media. But it may cause a bump in your cycle, so you will want to test the water each day right after it is removed and do extra water changes accordingly. When I removed my gravel I was impatient and I did most of it in one day. (My tank was fishless at the time though so it was okay). It caused a SLIGHT bump but only took a few days to get back on track.

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i'm glad i got it out too................

does changing the gravel make the cycle start over again?

because i just finished cycling after my ph crash........ :o

you can put your gravel in a nylon stocking and leave it in the tank for a few weeks while the new stuff establishes benificial bacteria...I wouldn't say taking gravel out would crash a cycle ..but it would put a bump in it ,as most of the bb's are in the filter ..but it is better to be safe than sorryI know it looks ugly having a few nylon stockings laying in your tank ..but it will keep your fish from putting it in his mouth and keep your cycle safe at the same time

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