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What Type Of Fish

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Ok i know i dont just get pets without learning alot on them first, but this fish was going to get flushed away if i did not take it. I work at a pet shop and the manager got a fish in from some guy today and well the manager did not want it so he was going to flush it. So i said i would take it home.

BUT i have no idea what it is and what it eats.. i know it will need a big tank, but i put it in a small tank to get pics of it.




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post-15494-1217383654_thumb.jpgIt looks like a Striped Peacock Eel. They grow about 5" to 6". I can't remember what they eat, but I think they eat flake.

post-15494-1217383588_thumb.jpg this is a zigzag eel

fire eel post-15494-1217383636_thumb.jpg

post-15494-1217383636_thumb.jpg black spotted eel.

All trops. Black spotted, I think, is the most common.

Other than that, I can't help you much. Never dealt with them before.

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Wow, he's really cool! Must be an eel, alright. That was very sweet of you to rescue him and try to help him out. :)

The same thing happened to me last year--I was in a large chain pet store when a guy came in with a rainbow shark baby and said he was moving and didn't want the fish anymore. The clerk said he'd have to flush the shark if nobody wanted it by closing time so I took the fish home. Didn't know anything about them but how can you just stand by and let the fishy be destroyed for no reason??? Here's a pic right after I put him in his new tank. There was nothing wrong with him at all--he's gotten a little bigger now and is doing great.


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