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Any Tips On Taking Good Fish Pics?


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I love takin pics of my fish here are some and i need tips on takin pics cause it takes a long time to get good ones.any programs i can use?

click on dis and its a slideshow!(first pic)



my favorite pics!!!!!a black telescope!!!! his name is ghost!and other fave is my ryukin


his name is goldie!


and my other ryukin named calicy(cal-le-see)

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It depends on what type of camera you have. I am no photography expert, but I have found the best way to take goldfish pictures is to turn off your flash and to manually adjust your shutter speed so that you can get a picture without movement blur but that is not too dark. Then you can import the picture into your software (I use Photoshop) to lighten the photo. This technique helps you to avoid the weirdness caused by using a flash (which changes the colors and reflects off the tank glass), as well as the movement blur that is caused by the slow shutter speed that your camera will try to use without a flash.

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and doesnt flash hurt the fishes and how do you get photoshop internet? it took me a while to take deez pics i love dem so much! it took me 2 hours to get the right ones! :wacko:

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Guest Montman

Clean the tank with window cleaner.

Close the curtains in the room and turn off the light - to avoid reflections - or wait until it's dark out and turn off the lights in the room.

I usually turn off the camera flash - but position an extra light - usually shining straight down into the tank.

I set up the camera to "shutter speed priority" mode. That means I set the shutter speed and the camera adjusts the aperture (f-stop).

Set the shutter speed to 1/30th to 1/60th of a second and focus on a fish and follow him. Have your finger on the button pressing slightly (If you have an auto-focus camera you'll be doing this anyway.)

When the fish pauses, snap the picture. When you snap the picture, press the button smoothly, not quick and hard - which can jar the camera and blur the picture.

Take a lot of pictures and expect most of them to be not worth keeping.

This method ends up with a good picture of the fish, with a dark background like this;


Load the pictures onto your computer, pick out the good ones, and enhance them. They will probably need straightened, cropped, lightened and color enhanced.

Google provides a free photo program I like called Picasa which scans your computer for all images and groups them by year or folder.

It does a great job of cropping, straightening, and enhancing digital photos.

For pictures I want to display here at Koko's, I reduce their sized with a program called FastStone Photo Resizer. It's another free program and does an excellent job resizing while maintaining image quality. (Keep the JPEG quality set on 90 to 100%). You should be able to find it with a Google search. (I think FastStone also provides other free photo software you might want to look at.)

Other tips:

Set your digital camera on it's highest quality resolution.

Don't try to get too close up on the fish. It's easier and many times better to leave a couple of inches or more around the fish and then crop the extra off in the computer.

Photography is a hobby of mine - and I'm getting some good pictures with the method above - but I am still learning when it comes to photographing fish.

I'm going to try more lights and/or flashes when I have time - and do some research too.

I took some pictures yesterday using the camera flash and a "slave flash" to photogragh a small plastic betta tank (See the "Betta Love" post.) The tank walls are not vertical. They slope outward slightly so this prevented the flash from coming back at the camera.


Hope this was helpful.

There are others out there taking very good pictures. Hopefully they will leave some tips too.

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I have a Kodak 10x zoom with several settings preinstalled in the camera. I set it to action mode and I aim for where I want Elvis to be, hols down the focus button and hold. When I get the green light, I turn it on viewscreen so I can watch Elvis and not the camera. When he looks like he is heading for the spot I want as background, I watch the camera and press down lightly to finish the shot. Since the background is already in focus, and the camera is preset for fast shutter, I can get very clear pictures.


I have a plexiglass tank. I make sure it's wiped with water and dried with paper towels. I do with and without flash depending on time of day and amount of room light. My camera also has a Night position and is great for those darker pics without flash. With my pixels set at max, I can crop and edit in the simple little program that comes with my camera, and I use photobucket. It works okay. Just make sure you adjust the pic size before you upload. Medium is good, detailed can be a large only if you feel it must. Otherwise ::chuckling:: your pic will look like this when posted.


Tip, if you see a glare through the eyepiece or viewscreen, that glare will be there flash or no. Adjust where you stand by the clearity you see when peering at the tank via the camera. Here's my fav. Take note of the label below the dip tank. :D


Like Montman says, expect alot of deletes. Here's an example of a few I took the other day. He was in high gear that day.


Hope this helps.

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Better than FastStone, if ur using photoshop then rather than "Save As", use "Save for Web and Devices" option if you want to save your pictures.

Montman's ryukin picture is 74k using FastStone, if you use the "Save for Web and Devices" in Photoshop then it won't go over 40-50k.

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