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Empty 5 Gallon?

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Well, a betta is, of course, best, but if you have a good filter and a heater, you could put in 3-4 male guppies or tetras in a 5 gallon tank. Make sure they are male as you cannot afford to have any breeding going on in such a small tank.

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whats a dwarf puffer?

37051787_c88eade6a6.jpg <--- That. :P

You would be good keeping 3 male guppies in 5 gallons. (I think 4 would be pushing it, but that's just my opinion. I find that guppies create more waste AKA poo than other trops.)

5 small tetras (neon tetras or cardinal tetras) would probably also do well. I'm not sure about some of the larger varieties, though...

I completely agree with Hi-d, that whatever kind of fish you decide to get, do LOTS of research BEFORE you buy! :exactly

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