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Uv Sterilizer Question

Guest Dragon

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Guest Dragon

i found this one in ccccc and i was just wanted to how hav anyone use this before is it good.. also i dont have that much money every i have to pay with my own money so i dont want to buy some that is really expensive that i cant afford and this one it the right amount of money $60.. so if any of you guy have use this before can u tell me if it good or ur opinion..

thanks for ur time!!!!


24W Model (UV24WPL)

* Treats fresh and salt water aquariums up to 106 U.S. gallons (400 L).

* Completely submersible and sealed to ensure no water leakage.

* Has a 12V internal UV sterilizer with power head.

* Uses a 24W sterilization lamp (replacement lamp sold separately).

* Built-in LED indication for UV sterilizer replacement (replace lamp tube when LED is off).

* Child Safe 12V low voltage design.

* Filtration pump (400 L/hour) and sponge included.

* Zigzag flow designs for maximum sterilizing time.

* Requires no tubing, has one plug to work both the UV sterilizer and filtration.

* Assembled unit measures 15"L x 2 1/4"W x 4 1/4"D.

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