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An Alien Invaded Grumpy's Domain!


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I was busy in the kitchen & glanced over at Grumpy.....he was flaring! I went about my business & noticed another time he was flaring & acting totally ticked off. So I went over to get a closer look.

Some sort of beetle had managed to get into the tank!! (ECK!!) But Grumpy really wasn't liking having an uninvited guest! So I scooped Mr Beetle up & removed him from Grumpy's home (as well as MY home!!)

I actually think Grumpy gave me a look as if to say "How DARE you allow that to happen!" LOL! He is a REAL character!!!

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Grumpy sure lives up to his name maybe he has been watching victor meldrew from 1 foot in the grave (uk tv show) hes such a grumpy old man :rolleyes:

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