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Gravel Causing Problems?

Guest Ajno

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Guest Ranchu Addict

Hi guys,

I did use the search engine and after 5 pages didn't find an answer. I have a 150 gallon with 6 ranchu in it. It is filtered by 1 Fluval fx5,and 2 rena filstar xp3's. This tank is drilled with for holes on the bottom. I plugged one hole and use the other 3 so the water drains down into the filters.There are 3 metal screens that sit on the bottom and cover the whole length of the tank and on top of that is a very thin layer of gravel. I am not a huge fan of gravel but with such a thin layer I'm thinking that the filters do a good job of pulling the poo and goo out. My water readings are always good. Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, and nitrate 10. I have noticed some signs of stress (red streaks) on a few of my fish and am thinking its the gravel. So should I remove it?

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The red streaks could be caused my any of a number of stressors, including illness. How often do you do water changes, and how large? Are those current water readings, and what kind of test do you use? Is there any 'abnormal' behaviour? There are many factors that can be affecting the fish.

I think that this post is more appropriate for the diagnosis & discussion forum, as the mods there are better able to give advice about fish health.

If you are concerned about the gravel, try pulling out a section and looking underneath to see how much waste has built up.

edit: I didn't realize you had an other topic going about the white pimples. it is best that you mention the red streaks in that topic, as they may be related.

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