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Decided To Go Barebottom

Guest amesters

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Guest amesters

I decided to take all my gravel out! I found a nice piece of Mopani wood last week, so I threw that in there too finally (after much soaking and such)-with some java fern+moss somewhat attatched.



I also bought a snail for my betta, Bhaltair the Great :D , in his 3 gallon kingdom.


I haven't named him yet, but he's a black trapdoor snail....as far as I know. He is absolutely devouring the algae!! Which is why I got him anyway, since he can get down in the corners better than I. Scrubbing algae in a 3 gallon tank is difficult, especially with the massive scrubber I have.

I had a good day off :)

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Guest amesters

THanks guys!! I love messing with my tanks, so I think the frequent water changes will help me cope with this obsession moreso!

I named the snail Hermes! :hi5

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