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My Tank Is Cloudy ( New Filter)

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Ok so i bought the Penguin 350 and I just installed it on my tank but my tank is cloudy right now the filter has alot of space in it so i added the bio fiber from the old filter and i added the the old filter cartridge and a new one. i know that would help but should i leave on the small filter that i used to have on my tank ( I had 2 filters on the tank ) ?

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I was looking at you other posts for a bit more info on your tank. You have a 20 gallon tank, correct? You treated with PRazi and salt. You have a PEnguin 350 for the 20 gallon tank, right?

First - the 350 should be enough, by itself for a 20 gallon tank. 350ish gph is excellent - I have 280s and 350s on many of my 20gallons. They are splendid. I am a bit concerned about the fact that you are replacing your filter cartridges every month - and only saving the "top" that you tear off.

It is true the the beneficial bacteria that make up your cycle will regrow in population VERY quickly even when you take away a large number of them with the change, but before they do regrow, the tank will "bump" and ammonia/nitrite levels will rise for a short time before they do. This monthly jolt of ammonia/nitrite is a stressor for fish - and one you should avoid.

The wonders of the Penguin 350 is that you can use cartridges that really VERY rarely need to be replaced. Sure, they tell you to replace that blue cartridge every month or so - but you really do not need to do so. In fact, it is not a good idea. It is expensive and you are tossing out a lot of the beneficial bacteria that will be populating that blue floss stuff. I never toss a cartridge out until the blue floss is literally hanging in shreds off the plastic frame and is no longer mechanically filtering the waste. At each water change, I bang that cartridge really hard in a bucket of the used fish water I have just syphoned from the tank. The water turnes brown with waste, the floss turnes blue, again and the beneficial bacteria stays put.

If you put medications (Prazi) in the tank with the blue floss cartridge, the carbon in the filter cartridge will bind the medication from the water. It is then adviseable to remove the carbon. To do this, rather than toss the blue cartridge, slit the blue floss on the BOTTOM and bang the carbon out into the garbage. IF you slit the floss on the top, it will sag over time - so the bottom works better.

You can overdose the Prazi by soooooooooo much with no harm to the fish. I would not worry about that. I am, however, a bit concerned with the "silver" stuff on your fish. Is that gone? Did the Prazi help with that?

I would put all of the media from your other filter into the Penguin. If there is anything that holds BB in the old filters, I woudl use that, too. Since you have more than enough GPH with the Penguin, though, you should not NEED the other filters.

Be aware that you may or may not have a full working cycle going ifor a few days. I would usggest testing daily and ammending as needed.

The carbon in a new cartridge will remove the PRazi - and render it useless. They are not compatible.


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Thanks so much for replying to my post i have been busy with work lately and havent been on this site...

You have a 20 gallon tank, correct? You treated with PRazi and salt. You have a PEnguin 350 for the 20 gallon tank, right? yes to all 3 questions...

I had 2 filter on my 20 gallon and what i used to do is change 1 filter per month so i only dump 1 old carterige.

ok well i dunno if the prazzi did anything both of my babies are still hiding i added salt to the aquarium and i already did 3 50% water changes so im guessing that the prazi is all out.

my tank is in good quality i have 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite (the bad one)

Ok well i really need ur help with another thing i saw on one of my goldies there is black spots and on his fin there is black streeks but i know it cant be ammonia burns i mean i check the water and there is no ammonia and no nitrite since i changed the filter. i only saw this after i over dose on prazzi. i have the tank salted what else should i do? should i add melafix or something?

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