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New Pond Snails Have Worms


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I just bought 2 trapdoor ponds snails 2 days ago and I noticed this tiny reddish worm coming out of the snail's shell near its operculum. When I tried to pull it out, they go right by into the shell really quickly. Both snails have the same kind of worm and how do I get rid of them.


(The worms are circled in red.)



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Guest Kayla's Goldfish

I didn't know snails could get worms? Well I don't know about this but it just seems like a good idea to put them in a seperate place than the fish temporarily?

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These are probably camillanus - definitely nematodes. At some point within the last 3 months, the snail has ingested larval forms/eggs and these are now hatching out, actually inside the snail. They are rather difficult to treat without damaging the snail. Best way is to get hold of a liquid de-wormer and soak something the snail will eat in it. Feed plenty.

Don't let the snail near any goldfish or tropical fish..

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