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Nifty New/used Tank!

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I just bought a used 30 gallon tank with a hood, brand-new-still-in-the-box light, three never opened plants (worth $20 by themselves), two large used plants, and an older but still working Whisper 30 filter all for just $30, and I'm rather proud of myself. Kansas is pretty sparsely populated compared to either coast, and so I feel lucky to have found such a good deal out here in the middle of nowhere. The tank was used by its previous owner for ciclids with carnivorous tendencies, and the owner didn't work any harder than his fish did to clean up the algae in the tank, so that job was left to me. It's okay, though, because I would have considered myself lucky if I had found just a tank and hood at this price.

My real question isn't about cleaning it, but about getting it set back up for my goldies. Do I need to do anything extra special in cycling it? The tank was dry for over a month from when he upgraded his fish to a 52 gallon to when he sold me the 30 (yes, 30, not 29). So I really don't need to worry about any diseases being transfered I wouldn't think. Can ciclids even give diseases to goldfish, or are they too different from each other? Are there any mods who can weigh in on this? I'm certainly planning on a fish-free cycle, but I would love a refresher course. If someone could just point me to a forum where cycling has been covered before, that would be nice. Really, though, what I need to know is whether there is anything special I should do specifically because this was formerly a ciclid tank. (It even smells like a ciclid tank. It's funny that I can tell the smell from a goldfish tank, but I guess I can. I can tell it from the smell of my goldfish tank, anyhow.) Thanks for your help! Enjoy your weekend!

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I'd recommend you clean it out thoroughly regardless of what kind of tank it was previously, and whether or not the previous fish were healthy.

I think your options consist of potassium permanganate (spelling?) or bleach.

Mmm... I haven't cleaned out any used tanks myself yet, so I don't know the ratio of either with water. :unsure:

I'll see if I can't find something on it for you to read.

In the mean time, you can also use the search feature on the forum.

It's in the top right hand corner, right next to help. ;)

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