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Meet My Goldies.

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I am new here so I thought I would post some pictures of my goldfish. They are not the best pictures because my camera is not working well these days.

Piggy(PJ) He is the biggest fish in the tank and eats most of the food.



Ping Pong(He looks like he swallowed a ping pong ball).


An older picture of Ping Pong. (The heater is no longer in the tank. :) )


TJ(Tommy JR., I named him Tommy after another black moor I lost). He is a shy fish and is the 'smallest' fish in the tank.



All 3 fish together


Just for fun, 2 of my favorite goldfish that I have lost.

Cheeto(lost to a severe cause of ick. I treated him but he died the next day.)


Princess(Got her at a petstore when they were closing one of the stores by me. Originally $30, got her for $15) Cause of death-Unknown.


A picture of my fish tank.


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Cute fishies! Hey, do they like that hamster tube?

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The tank is beautifully decorated, and I love the variety of the fish you have in it. It looks very organic. Where do you keep your tank?

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The tube is for the cory cats but the goldfish like to go in it too. It is funny to see the goldfish sitting in the tube. I keep the tank in my bedroom because I have another tank that is out in another part of the house.

Thanks for looking. :D

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