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Hey guys

I gave my orandas a block of frozen bloodworms this morning - a block and a half for 4 small orandas. However I think I may have overfed them - the mrs says they are looking very subdued, hardly moving at all and staying near the bottom of the tank.

I was thinking of giving them some peas this evening, but if I HAVE overfed them should I rather wait until tomorrow to give them any more food?

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By block, what do you mean? The little frozen cubes that measure about 1/2"x3/4" or what? If that's all you fed, that isn't a problem at all. No, you shouldn't feed the peas. Once a day feeding is enough, regardless of what food it is. If you feel you overfed, you can fast them tomorrow and feed peas the day after that.

Are you sure feeding could be the problem? Have you tested your water quality? Just checking....

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