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Bump On Side, Swollen Body, Two Raised Scales

Guest KatjaEngel

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Guest KatjaEngel

Hi friends,

Orange-Whitey is 9 months old. She has a swollen body, on the left side a bump, two scales are a little bit raised. I thought she is constipated (always long trail of feces behind her), let her fast a day, carefully fed a two peas. I added aquarium salt. She seems to do fine so far, but the swelling and bump is now there for 5 days. What should I do?

I asked at the pet store and showed photos. They said it could be an anchor worm (???), the next pet store had the opinion, it could be a beginning ulcer. I did not start any antibiotics because I was still believing it is constipation, which I meanwhile doubt (5 days??).

Should I get melafix tomorrow?

Need you advice.


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:welcome We really need to have you answer the questions above. With that information, it can so help with figuring out what is going on. Also, in this case, a picture would really help. If you have scales sticking out, you may have an early case of dropsy, which if it is dropsy, salt is probably not a good choice. But, before we go deciding anything, we need the answers to the questions and a picture.

Don't be afraid to ask all the questions you need to. There are no dumb questions! We're happy to have you here and are happy to help!

EDIT! Okay! What's going on with the triple post!?

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Lynda, I deleted the extra posts
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Welcome Katja-engel.

Lynda is right. We need you to fill out the doctors form above (white box). I know its a pain but these questions are designed to point us in the right direction for the best diagnosis. So many people, so many different aquarium set ups and we have no idea at all about yours until you tell us. We need to know how old your fish is/any new fish etc to eliminate anchor worm. Every question and your answer to it is a clue for us.

I strongly suggest you dont add any meds until we have heard back from you.

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Guest KatjaEngel


Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 10

ph 7, GH 300,, KH 120

chlorine 0

Quick dip

29 gal, running for 7 months

Whisper power 30

Water changes weekly 30 - 50 %

2 goldfish 1 1/2 inches long

Prime water conditioner


no, but a new plant from time to time, a new snail 3 weeks ago

Hikari Gold , pelletts (soaked), fresh peas, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini

Bump and swelling, trail of feces

Before I added salt, fish was resting on bottom and hiding. After I had added salt fish was better (at least not resting anymore).

Here are some pictures:




Sorry for the large size.

Need your advice!!!!

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I think this could be an internal bacterial ulcer forming. If so, it will get a little larger (has it?) and eventually develop a pimple head. Then it will either burst (and toxins are released into the water-not good) or it will subside...

It is certainly not anchor worm.

It could possibly be internal worms (snails are carriers as are plants- did you QT the plants?)

I dont think its eggs either but just to check- have you seen this fish being "nudged" in the belly (actually in this area) by the other fish at all?

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